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Kingsley, Party of ONE

Kingsley, Party of ONE

Kingsley s First Birthday-kingsleybday2-0017.jpg

There are so many emotions that go into one of your children turning one. Kingsley is my second child so this wasn't my first rodeo, but even still, I experienced an overwhelming sadness for her younger months while simultaneously feeling an excitement for her future days. I was proud of all of her little (BIG) accomplishments - rolling over, crawling, first steps. And I couldn't wait to throw a celebration in honor of the beautiful, loud, independent, sassy soul that is Kingsley Rose.

So, what does anyone do when they plan a party these days? Pinterest obviously! I scoured Pinterest like it was going out of style. I went through multiple theme ideas, but settled on a fiesta theme because it matched Kingsley's colorful and lively personality. (Pro tip: once you have a theme idea, ie fiesta, put that in a search on instagram with a hashtag and see what people are doing. I love this option because it's real time posts and can give you some awesome inspiration as a back-up to Pinterest.) I may have gone a little overboard for a birthday party she will never remember, but she'll see the photos one day and she can appreciate it then. Right? Hopefully. Until then, I'll appreciate all of the color for her!

Tips for planning a 1st birthday party:

  1. Utilize Pinterest for ideas, but don't let it consume or discourage you. Some people have outrageous budgets and fly in exotic animals, or whatever "shock factor" they can, to impress. Social media can often seem like a competition, don't let it. Forget about the flamingos, work within your budget and use Pinterest as inspiration. 
  2. At age one, some babies are walking while others are not. Make sure you keep that in mind whether it's adding a few extra blankets around for the kiddos to play on or baby gates at all possible escape routes.
  3. Do a smash cake or cupcake. I realized this was more for the adults than the birthday girl. Everyone got so much joy from watching her dig into a chocolate cake for the first time.
  4. Party favors are still proper etiquette even when they're little. I struggled with what to get such young kids. We decided on maracas, sidewalk chalk, and bubbles. Sippy cups could also be a great idea!
  5. Remember the adults! If you're lucky enough to have friends with kids the same age, you'll need to keep them in mind. Food and drinks tend to keep moms and dads pretty content. They need the extra calories and energy for their little one they'll be chasing around during the party while secretly looking forward to nap-time so they can sit down.
  6. RELAX! All of your planning is complete so remember to enjoy the day. Soak up the fact that your little one has completed their first year of life and has so many adventures that lie ahead in the next. 


    Photography by Heather Richardson

Behind the Name

Behind the Name

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Hi, I'm Christine