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Behind the Name

Behind the Name


Why Cake for Breakfast? Doesn't that make you sound like a bad mom? Well yes, to some it may, but first things first. Look at Kingsley's face. When have you ever been that excited about your breakfast? Exactly.

Let me backtrack. I touched on the name of the blog a little bit in my "Hi I'm Christine" post. If you're anything like me, you're juggling 645 things at once. Maybe more, honestly (and regretfully). Some weekend mornings I get up and I whip up veggie and egg muffins. And if the dishes aren't intimidating me that day, maybe even some pancakes. THE MESS! AHHH! Do you ever see your sink piled to the brim with dirty dishes and hope your ceiling opens up and aliens abduct you before you get a chance to wash them? Me neither. When I'm in the mood, i.e. have gotten to close my eyes the previous night more than the amount they're closed in the time it takes to sneeze, I do it up in the kitchen y'all. Bruno Mars keeps me company in the background and I go to town. Then I have those days where the thought of getting up and clanking around the kitchen makes me want to hide shamefully under my covers. Bruno Mars who? Just me?

Who knew breakfast had so many emotions. It's not even lunch and I'm exhausted! Untillllllll I opened the refrigerator door and its lightbulb shined like a light from Almighty himself onto some leftover cake. Yep, cake for breakfast. Cake TOTALLY has eggs! Protein right? Remember that whole breast or bottle argument when they were super little? Fed is best always wins. But seriously, WHO CARES. One morning of a lazy, leftover, mayyyybe not the healthiest breakfast won't hurt anyone. In fact, it might just put you in a better mood than you woke up with (refer to photo above)!

I said all of that to say, as moms, we take on so much. We put our children first and we give our all 24/7/365. It is OK if we take a shortcut sometimes. You need it for your sanity, trust me. Your sweet babies need you sane too. Cut yourself some slack, in whatever area you need to. It doesn't necessarily have to be breakfast. You might be one of those Pinterest moms who totally kills it in the breakfast game, but your toddler asking you to read 23 books before bed drains you. Read one instead! I promise you, whatever shortcut you take (as long as safety isn't involved) your little one will be JUST FINE and you will have a little relief which will carry over into the rest of your day.


Side note:

When I was a little girl, my mom told my dad it was his turn to get up with the kids so she could sleep in. Ten minutes later he crawls back into bed. Bewildered, she asked what he was doing and he said "don't worry, they're fine." Like she could actually trust that and go back to sleep peacefully. Right. Turns out he sat us down at a little plastic fisher price table with a sheet cake in front of us, gave us forks and turned on cartoons. PARENT GOALS, am I right?! 

Disclaimer (thanks dad): Please don't leave your little children unattended with forks ever. Cake for breakfast on the other hand, is ok.

Leave me a comment and let me know what your shortcut is if you have one! I'd love to hear from you!

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