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JORD Watch Giveaway

JORD Watch Giveaway

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So much of my blog (so far) has been about mothers and kids, but I think it's important to acknowledge fathers too. In our case, my husband Nathan does the dishes, laundry and cleaning WAY more than I do. I've had my hands full with a very cute, stage-five-clinger baby for the last year. I'm lucky if I get to make dinner without stopping 753 times to pick her up. I know you other mamas can relate!

Nathan is the backbone of our family. He will say that I am, but I assure you, he is. That's why I was super excited when JORD Watches contacted me to sponsor this post. My husband is a TOTAL watch guy and I got to surprise him with one of their unique men's watches. It was the PERFECT accessory to compliment his outfit for our anniversary. With a variety of watch companies to choose from these days, so many watches start to look the same. JORD's wood watches stand out among them all (much like my husband). If you've never seen a wooden watch in person, they're really beautiful! 

Here's the part where it gets really good! In honor of my blog launching this month, JORD Watches and I are teaming up to give one of my readers $100 to use on their website. One lucky person will win, but everyone who enters the contest will receive a promo code worth $25 once the contest ends! 

These unique men's watches would make a great Christmas or birthday present. Heck, if you don't want to gift your hubby a watch, snag one for yourself! Go on and spoil yourself a little. They have great women's watches too!

To enter the GIVEAWAY click HERE

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To enter the GIVEAWAY click HERE!

To find JORD's Hyde watch featured in this post, please visit HERE.

The giveaway will close October 22, 2017 at 11:59pm.
Both the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on November 30, 2017 .

All photography by Heather Richardson

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