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Let's Talk Pregnancy-Safe Skincare

Let's Talk Pregnancy-Safe Skincare

I did a post awhile back letting everyone know I have suffered (for years) from adult acne. There isn’t much fun in waking up in the morning to find you have a brand new, two or three breakouts on your face. That feeling always reminded me of a swift punch in the gut. Fast forward to 2018 where I learned about Vivant Skincare. My skin cleared up better than it ever has. My mom comments on it almost every time I see her and now that morning punch-in-the-gut is a faint memory.

When I found out I was pregnant I lost a little confidence. All of the effort I just put into my skincare routine would be ruined by the hormones that were about to invade my body. I went full doom and gloom. Well let me tell ya, the hormones are raging because I’m hanging my head over a toilet 3-4 times a week, but you know what hasn’t changed! MY SKIN! I’m 12+ weeks into this pregnancy and my skin is as clear as ever. I did contact Vivant to find out what products are safe during pregnancy and only had to make one change. You can find a list off all of their pregnancy safe products here.

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My pregnancy skincare routine:

Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Wash (morning & night)

Don’t just cleanse, repair. An AHA powerhouse of antioxidant, free-radical fighting, age-defying strength. Gently exfoliates, controls acne-causing bacteria, brightens and balances skin tone, and stimulates collagen production. Ultra fresh. Ultra gentle. Ultra restorative. 

Skin Type: Recommended for All skin types. 

Ideal for: Blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, irregular pigmentation.

Skin Nourishing Toner (morning & night)

“Antioxidant rich and ultra-refining for even the most sensitive skin. This gently refreshing, alcohol-free toner is a cocktail of transformative, skin nourishing ingredients including mandelic acid to target acne, aging and discoloration with gentle exfoliation; botanical elements to clear and calm; and rosehip oil to moisturize and protect against environmental stressors and signs of aging.  Multiple benefits, plus a blissful rose scent.” 

Skin Type: Recommended for all skin types.

Ideal for: Sensitive, dry, or rosacea-affected skin.

Spin Trap Antioxidant Serum (morning)

“Perfect for daily use, this Vitamin C and Vitamin E therapy promotes even, smooth and glowing skin. Protect, correct and prevent environmental damage with this potent antioxidant serum enriched with collagen and elastin-generating Vitamins C and E to trap and block free radicals from skin.” 

Skin Type: Recommended for All skin types. 

Ideal for: Blotchy, blemished, damaged or aging skin.

8% Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Serum (night)

“A dramatically different AHA experience synergistically formulated to target the top three trouble spots—acne, aging, irregular pigmentation—in one simple, unsurpassed serum that’s safe for all skin tones.” 

Skin Type: Recommended for Normal, Combination and Oily skin. 

Ideal for: Darker skin tones and skin too sensitive for Benzoyl Peroxide, hydroquinone and glycolics.

Day Treatment Lotion SPF 15 (morning moisturizer)

“Multi-function hydration and sun care in one. This light, non-comedogenic UVA/UVB foundational moisturizer gains a healing and rejuvenating boost from Zinc Peptides and Aloe Vera. Luxuriously creamy, yet non-greasy, it absorbs quickly into skin to create a radiantly smooth canvas for makeup. Tip: Mix it with loose mineral powder to create a base.” 

Skin Type: Recommended for All skin types. 

Ideal for: All skin conditions. Rosacea Safe.

Allantoin Sedating and Hydrating Lotion (mostly night, but sometimes morning if dry)

“Ultra-hydrating. Ultra-calming. Ultra-light. Use this natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory moisturizer to restore and revive dry, mature, irritated or overly exfoliated skin. Richly soothing, lightly firming, perfectly non-greasy, it’s ideal for daily use under makeup or on top of any Vivant rejuvenating serum.” 

Skin Type: Recommended for All Skin Types. 

Ideal for: Sensitive, mature skin or chemically treated skin.

Algae Soft Mask (weekly)

“An exceptional restorative clarifying mask enriched with natural, bioactive and antioxidant ingredients to nourish and renew skin above and below the surface. Enriched with concentrated marine minerals, amino acids, sea protein and polysaccharides to stimulate production of collagen and elastin leaving skin radiantly soft and smooth.” 

Skin Type: Recommended for All Skin Types. 

Ideal for: Clarifying, restoring, lifting and firming.

how to get clear skin during pregnancy

I highly suggest anything and everything from this brand, but I understand sometimes a budget is involved, especially with a baby on the way. If I were only able to pick 2-3 pregnancy safe products, I would choose (in this order) the 8% Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Serum, Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Wash and the Allantoin Sedating and Hydrating Lotion. I feel like the Mandelic Acid products have made the BIGGEST difference in my skin clearing up. It’s incredible. It will initially dry you out and bring any impurities already under your skin to the surface to exfoliate, so be prepared for dry flaky skin. Mine actually wasn’t too flaky. The Allantoin lotion really does a great job of hydrating. However, you don’t want to over hydrate because you want all of that icky to come out and slough off.

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