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Kid-Friendly NFL Season Kickoff Party Ideas

Kid-Friendly NFL Season Kickoff Party Ideas


Our house is a football household in every sense of the word. Football takes up the majority of our free time during season. Noah is in tackle football so we have practice two nights a week, games on Saturdays and film (watching the games we played on Saturday to find areas to improve in) on Sundays. AND THAT'S JUST FOR A 10 YEAR OLD! Saturdays is college football (we're FSU and CU fans) and Sundays are our beloved Broncos. 

Even though Noah is fully invested in football, he's still 10 and gets bored during a 3+ hour NFL game. And Kingsley? You can't get a 2 year old to sit still ever and if you can, I am all ears! That means if hubby and I want to watch a game, even a quarter of a game, we have to cater to the kiddos in a way that keeps them content. Basically saying "DON'T BUG ME FOR 3 HOURS" isn't going to work so here are a few of my ideas to make sure the only interference called will be on your opposing team and not your kids.

First and foremost, CAKE. I mean, would you expect anything less? Look at my the name of my blog! Chips and salsa, although great, are expected at parties. You know what isn't? A crowd-pleasing official NFL cake! I can guarantee one of these cakes will get you more "oooohs and ahhhhs" than your average salsa will! Cakes.com is the site for all officially licensed NFL cakes. Meaning, the real deal AND the easiest way to order. Order online, enter your location and voila! The cake appears at the nearest participating bakery.

NFL 8.jpg
Denver Broncos Party 2018


Remember, the best part about a kid-friendly party is to toss aside the "pinterest-perfect" party and let your kids take the reins. My kids painted and created a snack stadium and filled it with anything they could find around the house. Honestly, I'm surprised each "snack bleacher" isn't filled with candies and chocolates. We used leftover soda can boxes for our stadium and cut them at an angle, painted them and stuck them together with a strong double-sided tape. Once complete, fill with whatever desired snacks (or candies) you want. Parents, you may have to help and be a little more hands-on with this activity since scissors are required.

Denver Broncos 2018

Grab that old tarp in the garage (to protect your NFL celebration dance stomping grounds), a few of your mason jars laying around and some finger paints and let the kids go to town. This is a way for them to participate in the hype surrounding game-days while being entertained in ways that won't bore them. 

NFL 2018

Have your kids help set up for the party. Give them tasks! Noah helped me with my fruit-infused drink dispenser set up. We used sliced clementines and blueberries to mimic Broncos colors. If your team has red, use strawberries. Green, use kiwi, etc. Depending on your teams colors you may need to think outside the box and find some exotic fruit. If that's too much, you can always resort a classic punch.

NFL Bingo


This is another fan favorite, great for both kids and adults. We made our NFL bingo cards pretty generic, but you can do team specific if you want to make new ones for each game. Instead of pulling a ball out of the old fashion tumbler, drum, bingo spinner (whatever you call it) you watch the game for specific plays or happenings. We used words like touchdown, interception and celebration dance. When you see one of those happen you check off that box, or in our case put a little felt cut-out shaped like a football down.  Each card has the same words, but in different columns and rows. Whoever gets 5 across first, wins! We can't wait to put ours to use during a regular season game!

Broncos Party 2018
Denver Broncos Season Kickoff 2018

Additional decor to bring your party to life can include: balloons, NFL team attire, tassels, footballs, kids drawings, etc. The best part about a kid friendly party is nothing is off-limits. If it ignites some sort of football passion for you and your kids, throw it in there as decor!

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