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Shops That Stand for Life

Shops That Stand for Life

If there’s one thing all of us moms have in common, besides being a mother, it’s shopping. Regardless of our method of parenting or how we run our household, shopping for clothes is something we all have to do for our children…you know, in order to be accepted into society and not have continuously naked babes. HA.

Through all of my 11+ years shopping for children, I have come across several companies who support or promote causes my prolife beliefs don’t necessarily align with. This has discouraged me from purchasing through them no matter how cute their things were and pushed me to seek out shops with owners who support the prolife message my beliefs align with. This topic has flooded the media lately and I think it’s important to take a stand when, where and how you can. I have always held my beliefs strongly, but haven’t always spoken out without conviction until recently. I fully understand those who may be nervous about vocalizing their beliefs; which is another reason I thought to compile this post. Aligning our purchases with our beliefs is a way to make sure our money isn’t going to something that promotes what we oppose. I will be updating this post and adding additional shops as I find/am made aware of them. If you know of any or are a shop that wants to be featured, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or reach out to me. I will add as many shops as I can!

Here is a list of shops who support a prolife message:

Katrina Makes


While the first shop isn’t exactly clothing, it’s a shop I adore and used for Kingsley’s 2nd birthday luau decor. Katrina makes invites, party decor, home decor and the cutest holiday touches your house needs. She doesn’t know it yet, but I will be using her for every birthday from here on out! She’s GREAT at what she does.

Kingsley in the Thimble Joy Cherished shirt

Kingsley in the Thimble Joy Cherished shirt

This is one of my favorite shops. Sarah of Thimble Joy donates a portion of the company’s proceeds to mothers in need. In addition for every “cherished” shirt purchased, she donates the same one to a pregnancy crisis center. I purchased two of the shirts for my girls and only wish they had Noah’s size so I could have gotten him one too! The shirts are organic and ethically sourced. I purchased my shirts, this is not a gifted or paid collab. I just truly love supporting such a great cause. You can use code: YEARGIN15 for 15% off your purchase!

Ali Jane & Co

Ali Jane & Co is another favorite of mine. You’ll learn I have a lot of favorites, but truly these are some of my all-time favorite shops. I love who they are, what they make and their beliefs behind them. Ali Jane makes the most darling purses and bags for littles. They even have a few for mama! Kingsley has one of their brown leather boho bags with her K initial on it. It is certainly the top favorite (mine and hers) of the bags that she has.

Mali Wear

Mali Wear is a baby shop with teething toys, teething accessories, moccasins, swaddles and more. They have wooden toys which I have been researching and learning about lately due to how eco friendly they are. Thanks to Mali Wear I am now advocating for wooden toys instead of plastic as much as possible, especially for tiny babes. You can use code: LifeSupport for 15% off your purchase!

Mali Wear Baby
mali wear
mali wear baby rattle

Modern Burlap

Modern Burlap is your one-stop-shop for everything baby, mom and even dad! If you’re shopping for a yourself or especially a baby shower, look no further because you can get it all here! They have apparel, swaddles, crib sheets, hats, home decor, toys etc. You can get lost shopping here and it’s the best kind of lost!

Twin Bear Apparel

Twin Bear Apparel is a shop I found on Instagram and have fallen in love with. They make mom and babe tees that have fantastic inspirational sayings on them. I am going to snag a couple of these for the girls myself! You can use code: christine15 for 15% off of your purchase.

Three Pines Co.

Three Pines Co. has the SWEETEST booties that double as a keepsake. They’re handmade and have genuine leather soles that can be passed down from generation to generation or stored in a darling memory box when baby has outgrown them.


Pacifier clips, swaddles and teething rings. Nomilu has the most creative clips you’ll want one for each outfit your baby has! I’m already eyeing a few for our little girl who is due in May.

Nomilu 1.jpg
Nomilu 3.jpg
Nomilu 2.jpg

Alice and Josie

Alice and Josie is an Instagram find! I seriously love Instagram and all of the cool shops, events, products it brings my way that I would have never known about otherwise. If you’re in the market for darling girl bows, this is your shop. If you don’t have a girl, find a friend who does and get these bows because they are seriously some of the cutest I have ever seen! I want one of everything for my girls. Seriously.

alice and josie 1.jpg
alice and josie 2.jpg
alice and josie 3.jpg

Nelda Jane Apparel

Nelda Jane is a shop I stumbled on while doing some research for this post. They have the cutest tees on Etsy and even offer custom designs if you have something you want made! I am going to be snagging myself one of these Choose Life shirts. I am in LOVE!

The Neu Company

A trendy and affordable kids t-shirt shop offering clothing for everyday and holidays. Their shirts are so cute and can be dressed up or down!

Adeline’s Bowline

Adeline’s Bowline is a shop I found on Instagram awhile back and never knew until recently they were pro-life. I am super excited about them because I have purchased numerous bows for Kingsley from here. She has the most darling bows! You can use code: christineyeargin20 for 20% off your purchase! :)

Little Peaches Shop

Little Peaches Shop is a cute mom-owned shop that has everything from bibs to swaddles, crib sheets to headbands and more. They have really fun patterns on a lot of their products which makes it hard to not want load up your cart, hit purchase and then hide all packages from your husband. ;) You can use code CHRISTINE15 for 15% off your purchase.

Pit Pat Waddle Pat

Pit Pat Waddle Pat is an Etsy shop, made up of a sister duo, who hand makes bonnets, bloomers, rompers, tops and dresses for your littles. You can use code CHRISTINE10 for 10% off your purchase!

Isa & Olivia

Isa and Olivia is another fantastic bow shop I found on Instagram. They have beautiful bows in multiple sizes, but I think my favorite feature of theirs are their nylons! So many times I have seen Nylons only come in what is the old form of “nude” and I see bows not blend in with little girls who have dark hair or dark skin. Isa & Olivia has that covered with MULTIPLE nylon colors you can choose from for each bow! What a FANTASTIC idea!

Youniq Kids

Youniq Kids is a children’s book company that allows you to personalize books when your child is becoming an older sibling. We just ordered one for Kingsley to have with her little sister and can’t wait to get it! For every book ordered, three meals are donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. It feels good to support a company that gives back and Youniq Kids is exactly that!

Arrow and Root

Arrow and Root is a great resource for those looking to adopt. They help you make profile books that allow expectant families to view when considering who to place their child with. Here is an excerpt from their website: “Sharing your heart, hopes, and dreams with a potential expectant family is important. This is the critical moment they learn who you are! Choosing your pictures, words and design are vital in making a lasting impression that stands out. Having a professionally designed profile book that is expectant parent focused and ethical, will help you stand out and bring you comfort in knowing your book communicates who you are as a family in the best way possible.”  

Arrows and Root 3.jpg
Arrows and Root 2.jpg

Jack and Jules Design

Jack and Jules Design is a new shop I stumbled upon on Instagram. They’re veteran owned and operated (thank you for your service) and they have the softest muslin swaddle blankets made of bamboo and organic cotton. A portion of their proceeds goes to Mission 22 which fights to end veteran suicide. A mission I think we can all get behind!

Fearfully and Wonderfully made swaddle

Additional Prolife companies include:

Full disclosure: this is not a paid or affiliate link post. I make no money off of your purchases to these shops. Some of them have been so kind to offer discount codes for all of my readers, but I make nothing off of those either, nor do I want to. My sole intention for this post was to create a resource for like-minded prolifers to find shops they can feel great about supporting!

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