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Parker's Nursery Reveal

Parker's Nursery Reveal

I am so excited to finally show off Parker’s nursery we designed with YouthfulNest’s designers Lisa Janvrin and Shelbi Gustafson!! We went from drab off-white walls and decade old carpet to a chic space for our little girl. It’s actually the best room in the house now thanks to Youthful Nest’s Lisa and Shelbi. Our other two kiddos keep asking when we’re going to do their rooms.

Boho Nursery Design

I love design, but I am the WORST at it. I create board after board on Pinterest and somehow still can’t figure out what to put where or how to make my house look how I want it in my head. Not to mention I procrastinate. I’m constantly thinking I’ll find something better or what if I didn’t see every.single.mirror.on.the.planet?! How will I know I got the right one? You get my drift.

So for Parker’s room, I told Lisa what I “thought” my specific style was (which ended up being a little of everything) via an online questionnaire, a phone conversation and a few Pinterest boards I sent over. A few days later I received a design board. We tweaked it a few times and together came up with the sweetest room for a little girl. In addition to Youthful Nest’s design, we ripped up the carpet and added wood floors to really make the space feel fresh. It used to be a room I avoided and now it’s a room I really LOVE spending time in.

Below you’ll find some of my favorite things about the room as well as shoppable links to everything! I hope you enjoy the nursery as much as we do!

Mid Mod Girls Nursery

One of the sweetest sentimental pieces in the room is our birth stats sign with Parker’s name on it from Love Found. I was so antsy to get it I almost ordered it without the birth stats just so I could hang it in her room, but luckily I waited. It is so precious and I will keep it forever. And ever and ever!

The Star and Moon Brass Mobile is from Burke Decor and adds the sweetest touch. I always say I’m ‘over the moon in love’ with Parker, so I really love that there are moons on it. We used twine to hang it, but really you can use anything you’d like!

mid mod nursery

The Lollipop Baby Cam matches everything pink perfectly. We love this monitor. You have the option to get notifications of anything too loud in the room or when baby is crying opposed to just watching/listening 24/7. If I exit the app to watch her, I still get a notification sent to my phone that she’s crying. Or if the kids are being too loud upstairs, it sends me a notification for too much noise. Nathan and I both have the apps on our phone and can be watching it at the same time. It’s great and we love it!

The Snuggle Me Organic is another nursery win. It’s the next best thing to baby being held by mom. The sides curve in to gently snuggle baby the way we do when we hold them. Parker loves it and uses it daily. I tell all of my mom friends to put one on their registry I love it THAT much.
Disclaimer: We show it here in our crib for aesthetic purposes only. The Snuggle Me is meant for supervised uses and should never be placed inside a crib or bassinet without supervision. It is very important to always be in the same room as your baby while using the Snuggle Me.

moses changing basket

We decided to forgo the traditional changing pad for this beautiful Nouella moses basket and it’s one of my favorite things about the room. When we had Kingsley she had a traditional changing pad and I always looked at it as such an eyesore…necessary, but an eyesore none the less. This option is far more aesthetically pleasing while maintaining the practical use it’s needed for. Definitely a win/win! You can find the basket here.

boho mid mod nursery

Let’s just all take a minute to appreciate this rug. This was probably the hardest decision and something that was more difficult for me to decide on because of how many options are out there. Lisa sent me tons of options, but nothing stood out to me until this beauty from Paynes Gray. I wanted elements of pink, but I didn’t want things overly pink or too girly. This one has just the right amount to make it feel like a girl’s room without being overly feminine.


The white on the walls makes the room feel so clean. I mentioned before the walls were an old off-white color with plenty of wear on them. It’s amazing what a new fresh coat of paint can do for a room. Even on a budget, I think wall color can make the biggest difference in a room. We used Clare Paint in the color Fresh Kicks after testing out a few. They have easy peel and stick samples (think big stickers) so you can place them on the wall side by side and see which color you prefer. We moved the stickers to multiple walls at different times of the day to see the colors in different lighting (the room doesn’t get a ton of light) and Fresh Kicks seemed like the most clean and classic white for a room that could use a little help with brightness. We’re super happy with the decision!


Little touches here and there like this Pocket Angel Company heirloom doll give the room a playful vibe. Parker is too young to play with her doll right now, but you can see Kingsley has adopted it as her own for the time being. Which is fine because it’s such great quality I’m certain this doll will be played with by my grandchildren one day. Quality over quantity right?!

boho nursery light fixture

The original light fixture we chose was too large for the room so we started looking again. This is one that I couldn’t get out of my head no matter how many other places I looked so I knew I had to have it. I love it so much I may buy one for Kingsley’s room too! Is that weird? Probably, but I just love it so darn much! You can find it here.

nursery book shelf ideas

Call me crazy but I love the idea of beautiful book covers as decor and Youthful Nest knocked it out of the park with these gold floating shelves that tie into the gold curtain rod/rings and the mobile. I’ll link all of the books we picked at the bottom of this post.

organic crib mattress

When you have a newborn you always want the best for them in life no matter what. This includes mentally, emotionally, physically and of course their surroundings. Their sleep is so important to their growth and all of the above which is the reason we went with Nook’s The Pure Organic Crib Mattress for our mattress option. It’s organic (it’s in the name), non toxic, eco friendly, sustainable, all natural and water resistant. I’ve been trying to reduce unnecessary chemicals in our house and life so the organic/non toxic option was best for us.


Shop the nursery below:

Books and items in the room from Amazon:

If there are is anything you’re curious about or you have any questions about the room, leave me a comment or shoot me an email! You can always find me on Instagram too @christineyeargin!

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