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Activity Ark - Children's Church in your Pajamas?

Activity Ark - Children's Church in your Pajamas?

Children's church in your pajamas? Basically! I recently discovered Activity Ark and my kids are crazy about it. Activity Ark is a subscription based (1 time options also available) kids activity box that comes every three months. Inside you will find educational and fun ways for your kiddos to learn about the Bible. I know when I am hands on, I learn more thoroughly than when I am just spoken to. I wish this was around when I was a kid! Instead, Noah and Kingsley lucked out and get to enjoy Activity Ark! The suggested age range is 4-9, however Kingsley is 18 months and really enjoyed getting in on the action, so I say get the whole family involved!

In this particular box we received:

  • Book on Adam and Eve, God's First People that Noah loved reading 
  • Ingredients for one SUPER COOL universe jar craft project
  • Activity book with puzzles and games
  • Glow in the dark stars to light up your kid's room and further encourage discussion on God's universe
  • All of the above create the means to have a meaningful conversation on Biblical topics

Check out the photos below of Noah experiencing his first Activity Ark

Let me know what your kids think!

Activity Ark 1.jpg
Activity Ark 2.jpg
Activity Ark 3.jpg
Activity Ark 4.jpg
Activity Ark 5.jpg
Activity Ark 6.jpg
Activity Ark 8.jpg
Activity Ark 7.jpg
Activity Ark 9.jpg
Activity Ark 10.jpg
Christmas in Crested Butte

Christmas in Crested Butte

No Christmas Presents this Year

No Christmas Presents this Year