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Bath Time with Tomy Toomie Toys

Bath Time with Tomy Toomie Toys

If you have a toddler, you likely know that routines are key. There is something about a routine that kids love. One of our favorite parts of our bedtime routine is bath time! Kingsley would live in the bath if we let her.

We let Kingsley play in the tub for a good half hour before we even start to think about washing. She just got new Tomy Toomies bath time toys and she's so crazy about them she will play past the water getting cold. I've had to refill it with warmer water multiple times...and honestly, I don't mind because it's a bit of a break for me! HA!

Her new toys consist of the cutest train that blows bubbles when you turn the wheels and we all know how kids feel about bubbles! Pure magic! My favorite is the ice cream machine. There is a lever to pull that drops bubbles out to fill cups that come with the ice cream machine. The bathroom turns into an ice cream parlor at night. I will disclose that Kingsley was disappointed when she went to lick the ice cream and it wasn't actual ice cream, but she quickly recovered when she realized she could refill her cone endlessly. Both the ice cream machine and the train suction to the bath walls for easy storage and access. If you look below in the photos you'll see all of the cuteness that keeps her occupied during bath time including the dolphins with their floats. The dolphins are Kingsley's favorite and she holds them like they're her babies. It's almost too cute to handle. As if all of these toys weren't enough, we also have an octopus that you can fill with water and it sprays the water out turning into a little waterfall.

It goes without saying, bath time is the highlight of Kingsley's day with the coolest sensory experiences around. Don't tell her I said this, but it's also my favorite time, because I get a nice little 30 minute breather! It gives me time to do my nightly routine and wash my face, brush my teeth etc. And we all know mama needs time too! (I am in the bathroom with Kingsley at all times. Never leave a baby in the tub unsupervised.)

What did we take away from this? Run to the nearest Babies R Us, grab any and all Tomy Toomie toys available (especially the ice cream machine) and watch your kiddos bath time transform into a magical, bubble filled ice cream parlor! 


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