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Real Moms Vote on Most Used Baby Products

Real Moms Vote on Most Used Baby Products

There is no question that parents want to be the best for their baby. They want to give their baby their all and that includes having the best products. Companies marketing and advertising teams know this and prey on new parents telling them what they need and what their baby needs. Sometimes they’re accurate, but I’d say more often than not they’ll say anything if it means sales.

I’m a mom of two with one on the way so I’d like to think I give decent parenting/product knowledge advice, however I polled moms all across the country to make sure you’re getting the most accurate information I could find. As told by mothers, here are the most used products during the first few months (and beyond) after a baby is born:

Number 1 Most Used Product: Fisher Price Auto Rock N Play Sleeper

I had one of these with Kingsley and it was a LIFE SAVER. This was legitimately the only way I could shower if Nathan wasn’t home. I gave mine away so you can bet I’ll be buying another one this go around.

Number 2 Most Used Products: Breastfeeding Items

If you plan on breastfeeding your baby, the milk may be free, but here are a few suggestions you’ll want to consider:

Nursing pillows are incredibly helpful in giving your arms a rest while breastfeeding. You’ll likely be holding baby A LOT and these pillows make it easy for you and your baby to be in a comfortable position.

Nipple Cream is something I’ll admit I never really thought about until my second child. My first latched like a pro and I never experienced any pain, but if you have any latching issues, you’ll want some nipple cream on hand to help your tender nipples heal.

Nipple Shields are a great option too. I had to use one of these when my nipples cracked so much I couldn’t handle the pain of a latch. In addition to nipple cream, these shields help my nipples heal until we could get a solid latch that didn’t affect my nipple skin.

Nursing Pads are a necessity in the first month or so while your milk is regulating. It doesn’t matter what type of pad you use during the evening, but day time is another story. It was for me anyway. I tried several and I always landed back on the Lansinoh disposable pads because they didn’t leave my breasts looking lumpy. During the evening, it might be nice to use a reusable pad to save a little bit of money.

Milk Saver…ok, so that’s not what this is called, but it’s what I call it. During the beginning stages of breastfeeding, the opposite breast (the one not being used) will leak and sometimes it’s a LOT. All of that milk is liquid gold you don’t want to go to waste so suction breast pumps are the perfect thing to latch on and collect the extra milk. You’ll want to save this, trust me!

Breastmilk Storage is your next step after collecting leaked and/or pumped milk. Any bag will do, but I do love the fact that these Lansinoh storage bags have a double zipper to further protect the milk from leaking. Lay them flat to freeze. It will save SO MUCH SPACE in your freezer. Once they’re frozen, I use an old soda can box with the top half cut off to line them up starting with the oldest in the front (label each bag with the date you pumped it with sharpie). It makes for super simple and compact storage.

If you don’t plan on breastfeeding and are going to be formula feeding, I would suggest holding off on purchasing your bottles in bulk until you know which brand your baby likes best. All of the bottles/nipples vary in shape and size so what might work for one baby, may not work for another. I think we went through 3-4 bottle types before finding one Kingsley would actually take. Once you find the right fit, then stock up. There are multiple sizes in bottles. You can usually find 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, etc., in every brand. I’d suggest going ahead and getting the bigger sizes to save money. The bigger sizes fit all liquid amounts, but the smaller sizes don’t so you’ll have to continue purchasing more in larger sizes or use two bottles at every feeding eventually if you don’t.

Formula is similar. Not all formulas sit on baby’s tummy super well. I would suggest shopping around for what works best for your baby before stocking up.

Number 3 Most Used Products: Sleeping Aids

I, along with an overwhelming amount of other moms, cannot say enough good things about these sleeping pillows with bumpers. The first time Kinglsey ever slept through the night without waking was because of the Dock A Tot. I have never used a Snuggle Me Organic, but I do love that the fabric is organic. Multiple moms suggested this brand as well. I don’t know the science behind why these work, but my guess is that the bumper area helps hold baby in super snug as if they’re in mom or dad’s arms. It helps decrease flailing arms and legs as well, keeping them nice and cozy. There are infant sizes and toddler sizes. If you’re weary about the larger price tag, Kingsley is 2.5 and still uses her Dock a Tot every single night. It’s a great investment and according to the votes, tons of other moms agree.

Sound machines are great for drowning out noise while baby is sleeping. We received this Dohm Sound Machine version at our baby shower and still use it 2.5 years later. It helps so much by drowning out background noise (think barking dogs, car alarms, ringing phones, playing kids, etc.).

Swaddles are another essential sleep aid. When baby’s are first born, they have very little control over the reflexes of their arms and legs. A lot of times this wakes them up. Swaddling them so they feel like they’re still safe and cozy in the womb is a great help in the beginning. I love these Bunny Palm options because they’re some of the softest organic bamboo I’ve ever felt, they’re thin enough for summer and can double as a burp cloth too!

Number 4 Most Used Products: Diapering

Diapers and wipes, first and foremost. I would think this is a no-brainer to most. This is another one of those things where you kind of see which diaper brand works best for you. Some kids have blowouts in certain brands while others hold it all in. It’s always different for every kiddo I think.

Diaper cream is something that you’ll likely need at some point and I would argue sooner is better rather than later. There are multiple brands and you’ll have to find something that works best on your baby’s skin, but here are a few that have been recommended.

Tush Swiper is something I found with Kingsley and it’s SUCH a winner. Putting diaper cream on a baby gets messy and under your fingernails. To avoid having to scrape diaper cream out from under your nails, grab the Tush Swiper. It works with almost all squeeze tube diaper ointments. I squeeze it on the rash area and wipe the excess off on the inside of the diaper, put the lid on and I’m done. It is antimicrobial, but if I’m using it consistently (diaper rash is bad) I wash it at the end of every day by hand, but I recently found out it’s also dishwasher safe!

Number 5 Most Used Products: Baby Carriers

All carriers are different and I would suggest doing research prior to purchasing. Similar with bottle nipples, diapers, etc., the carrier that worked for another mom may not work for you. Not to mention a lot of carriers are overpriced for pieces of fabric if you ask me. The two that I used the most are the Baby K’tan and the Ergo 360. The K’Tan is great for around the house usage while the Ergo 360 is great for longer outings and walking because it has BACK SUPPORT. Those babies are little, but wearing them for a long time can really wear on your back. Make sure you find something that will be comfortable for long term use first and foremost and if you prefer a second/around the house carrier, I’d suggest a cloth one (the K’Tan is more affordable than a lot of the trendy ones you see on Instagram).

If you think I missed anything or have a suggestion that was a true life-saver for you, leave me a comment here or on Instagram! Would love to hear more suggestions before this baby comes in May.

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